What Is Smart Maps NI All About?

We can unleash the true potential of virtually any vehicle

The Smart Maps NI service unlocks the restrictions imposed by vehicle
manufactures to release more power, greater response and lower fuel
consumption, safely and reliably.

Our simple connection to over 70k+ vehicles allows us to modify the
‘Brain’ of a vehicle without extra hardware or engine components
being altered in anyway.

Improved overtaking performance
Smoother driving experience
Enhanced throttle response
Calibration for removal of speed limiters, Lamda sensors, and more!
Better towing performance
Upto 35% more Power and 15% increase in torque 
Upto 15% better fuel economy and lower co2 emissions
Fix unwelcome DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Problems


Smart Maps NI
Unit 41, Ledcom Industrial Estate.
100 Bank Road. Larne
BT40 3AW


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Evenings 5pm-7pm – By Appointment Only

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